Fashion DIY Shoes

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If you want to refresh your shoes for spring, this little tutorial will help you; stay calm, its easy to do it, all you have to do is follow the steps.

You’ll need:

  1. strong craft (jewelry) glue
  2. button shank remover
  3. 2 blank metal shoe clips
  4. 2 rhinestone shank buttons

Remove the loop from the back using the shank remover resulting in a flat surface for you to work on. Glue the flat portion of a metal shoe clip to the back, give it a few minutes, maybe a full 30 minutes to dry completely. Next: repeat with second button.

Clip them on the front of your flats, they should fit and your feet should be comfortable. Easy right?

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Here’s one I aged earlier

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Casual Travel Outfits (2)

Iam throwing cow poo at our back wall. Yes, yes, bovine excrement that was actually – turn away now, any officers of the law – appropriated from a local field. I am wearing my standard homeimprovement kit (erm, my usual clothes) and now am acutely conscious that there is splashback on everything, including my new J Brands and my husband. Alpha Male regards me with a mix of bemusement and exasperation and continues to prune (massacre) my roses. I have undertaken this rather unpleasant task because I read in Homebuilding & Renovating (how times have changed) that this will encourage mossy growth, which will add a subtly aged look to my modern bricks. I am nothing if not dedicated to stylistic perfection. It’s a constant battle to keep AM abreast of the subtle advancements of my aesthetic.

He himself is immune to trends, his Joey Tribbiani haircut only recently, and under much spousal pressure, becoming more Amal-era George Clooney (expect to see an international dip in gel sales). Mostly, actually always, he is nonplussed at my ever-changing taste. Take flowers: though I pester AM for them, when he does succumb, it always highlights our aesthetic gulf. I managed to wean him off garage flowers early doors (sticker residue, doily-printed cellophane wrappers and primary colours = not good) urging him to go for ALL-WHITE blooms instead. This simple direction cleverly excluded the eye offenders that are gerberas, dyed-blue roses or those birds of paradise things you see men walking home so proudly with. Trouble is that now, to truly gladden my heart, a bunch has to be a multicoloured jumble of country cottage-type flora.

And that is much more open to misinterpretation. I have tried saying they need to be meadowlike flowers that basically look like they have been picked on a verge of a tumbledown cottage that belongs to Sheherazade Goldsmith or similar. Readers, I lost him at ‘meadow’. Sadly for AM, it’s not just flowers that need to be dishevelled, homegrown or artfully shambolic. Vegetables require suitable dirt and allotment-esque irregularity of shape, eggs need feathers attached and apple juice should be cloudy and come from a farmwith Alice Temperley connections. I want my mirrors antiqued (‘So you can’t, erm, actually see yourself, Green?’ says AM, shaking his head in disbelief) and my clocks to look like they lived on a French station wall circa Liz Taylor’s first decree nisi.

Wine bottles need to be dusty and children’s hairstyles must come courtesy of surf, sun and the occasional self-trim. But boy, it’s expensive to look shabby these days. I frequently spend my hard-earned cash on pricey French clothes that look like they’ve been insouciantly trashed by some Clémence Poésy style ingénue (think frayed hems and worn-out knees). And I’ll spend £25 on a blow-dry that must, under no circumstances, look like I’ve been for a blow-dry. But it is home decoration where this aesthetic creates most incredulity in AM. Annie Sloan chalk paint? Velvet cushions that are deliberately threadbare?

Purposefully faded wallpaper? Utterly incomprehensible to him. And don’t get me on to ‘tumbled floorboards’, which are ‘smoked’ and then hand-beaten with chains (yes, really) by Gauloises-toking Frenchies so as to look like they originate from a down-at-heel 18th-century chateau. It’s while debating said planks that AM has a eureka moment. ‘So it’s about everything looking old, knackered and endearingly scruffy?’ he says proudly. Then, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, brightness spreads over his cow manure-splattered face. ‘Excellent, Green,’ he says, hoicking up his Screwfix trousers with the compromised fabric around the crotch. ‘In that case I think you’ll find I’mperfectly on trend.’

11 Easy DIY Moisturizing Face Masks

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Hello girls, Stacy here. I am going to show you 11 tutorials on how to make a Moisturizing Face Masks. The tutorials can be found beneath each image, this way if you like a image and want to know and learn how the mask is made all you have to do is click the tutorial link below the image.

It’s time for revitalization and renovation because it’s spring time girls. Maybe you already know this, but after the winter your skin gets dry and irritated, try adding a good moisturizing face mask in your beauty routine. I’ve rounded up a few idea which have a good effect on your skin.

I like the #3 image, which I am going to try it right now after I finished writing. Enjoy and comment below and let me know your favorite one.



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Why Fashion Insiders Swear

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You have probably spent your entire mature life searching for that perfect set of jeans-not too long, not short, hugs certain body parts out of all right places-but they’re basically an enigma for average-sized women. The solution? A customize.

Most women wouldn’t give a 2nd thought to altering a beverage dress or a suit coat, but jeans usually do not get the same treatment-despite the truth that most of us quite literally reside in our denim.


No surprise, celebs are huge fans of having their jeans tailored for your perfect fit. Kim Kardashian has spoken about getting the girl jeans tailored, so offers Jennifer Aniston. Quite a few style editors also attest to becoming fans of Forever21 denim then getting them modified (something that would cost much less than buying a pair of developer jeans).

It’s a styling technique that doesn’t cost much (changing the hem of denim jeans will run you about $10, while bigger repairs at most tailors will be below $50. ) That means-using an inexpensive pair-you could end up getting perfect jeans for a 1 / 4 of the price of designer jeans. Here, some tips and tips to keep in mind when buying and dressmaker jeans.

If your looking for street style travel outfits this article will also help you.

1 . What to bear in mind when buying jeans.

A great customize can fix a lot with regards to jeans-but not everything. The actual rise (where the waist sits on your body), the actual hips, and the crotch, tend to be three areas that are hard for a tailor to go and tuck, so always remember that when you’e shopping.

2 . Before you take your jeans towards the tailor, wash them.

Before you decide to take your jeans to a customize, wash them a few times-first turning them inside, after that washing them in chilly water, then letting them suspend dry. You want to make sure that your own jeans aren’t going to reduce dramatically after you’ve visited the trouble of taking these to the tailor.

3. Provide shoes with you to the customize.

Particularly if you want to shorten your own jeans, you are going to want to accept the shoes you most intend to wear with them to the customize to help the tailor tag the jeans at the correct length.

4. Altering the space is a cinch.

One of the simplest fixes that a tailor could make to a pair of jeans is actually shortening the length. There are 2 ways they can do it. The very first technique is known as an “original hem” or a “European ankle rehab ebook. ” The tailor will certainly remove the original hem from the jeans, and then re-attach this after cutting off excess material. While this will cost you a bit more, it will as well mean that the hem of the jeans will end up looking since it did when you bought all of them in the store.

The other strategy is that you can ask your customize to do an “inside hem” which involves folding in the additional fabric and stitching this in place. Generally, a few items to keep in mind when changing the length of your own jeans: If you’re shortening all of them by more than two ins, you might end up changing the actual leg shape of the denim jeans. Also, if you’re tailoring denim jeans that are faded or troubled, you want to make sure that cutting the space won’t dramatically change the appear.

5. Another easy repair: Slimming the legs associated with jeans.

If you find that the upper thighs of your jeans are a little bit too baggy, or you possess a pair of straight leg denim jeans that you want to turn into a pair of slim jeans, never fear, weight loss the legs of denim jeans is a pretty easy fix for any tailor, who will pin across the inseam, turn your denim jeans inside out, and either reduce excess fabric, or bind in that excess fabric within the jeans.
Keep in mind, if you plan upon taking in the calves of the jeans, the bottom of your denim jeans might also need to be re-hemmed.

6. Nip in the waist for your perfect fit.

One of the biggest issues of women when it comes to jeans could be that the waist is ill-fitting (and ends up gaping). A good customize can alter the waistband of the jeans to nip this in a bit (we can not tell you what a big difference this could make, especially for curvy women). Keep in mind, you don’t wish to consider your jeans in through more than 1 . 5 ins at the waist, or you may potentially change the shape of your denim jeans, and how the pockets are situated.